Northeast Regional
Educational Cooperative (REC#4)

Education—The Key to Success

Post-School Outcomes Survey

The Public Education Department, Special Education Bureau conducts an annual State-Wide Follow-up Study, as a mandated requirement of the State Performance Plan, to provide post school follow-up information to OSEP to address SPP Indicator 14. The Northeast Regional Education Cooperative (REC #4) is conducting this survey for the NMPED-SEB. 

The survey will be conducted as a census of school districts. All districts, state supported schools, and charter schools operating as districts that serve high school students are required to report. Note that if districts do not report the outcomes of at least 50% of their former students, justification of the missing data may be required. All districts are required to report, even if they had no high school students that exited in the reporting year.

The project will consist of two separate surveys: click on the appropriate links to download surveys. Please administer the Tier 1 Survey to 2019 prospective graduates. Students surveyed for Tier 1 are 12th grade students with IEPs not designated as gifted. Conduct the Tier 1 survey between April 1 and May 31, 2019. Surveys must be entered by September 30, 2019.

Administer the Tier 2 Survey to 2017-2018 exiters who had IEPs, not gifted. This includes graduates in the 2017-2018 school year and drop-outs grades 9-12. If students remain enrolled in school, do not survey them for Tier 2. If students left the school district and are known to have continued, do not survey them. Conduct and enter the Tier 2 survey between May 1 and September 30, 2019. As these surveys will require extra time and effort, some of which will be performed on personal time, staff will be reimbursed for the tasks involved in conducting these surveys. 

There are three levels of reimbursable tasks required for the survey:

  1. District coordinators will be reimbursed only for schools with at least fifteen 2019 graduates. Coordinators will insure that school record information is available; surveys are conducted, collected, and entered. RECs may act as coordinators for their member districts, or schools can choose to coordinate the effort on their own.
  2. Interviewers who conduct Tier 2 surveys will receive $10 per completed survey.
  3. Data entry will be reimbursed at $1 per completed and entered survey. 

By April 15, each district and REC should identify one coordinator for the survey effort and email contact information including name, job title, email address, phone number, and cell phone number to Glenn Damian.

The reimbursement formula for coordinators:

  • For school districts with 15–29 completed and entered tier 2 surveys - $100
  • For school districts with 30 or more completed and entered tier 2 surveys - $200

Enter the surveys online, and we will collect the information on a database maintained by NEREC for analysis. We will not accept paper surveys. When you are ready to enter your surveys, follow the directions on the link "Web-Based Survey" located on this page. Each person who enters data for the district will create a unique password to access the survey entry site. If you don't know the password used in the previous year, create a new one.

Printable Tier 1 and Tier 2 surveys are posted on the side of this page and are available for download. 

NEREC will send:

  1. A list of students sorted by district and school to be surveyed for Tier 2.
  2. A list of students who graduated in the previous year with contact information.

These lists are assembled from STARS data submitted by your school district. If you have more current information or know that the information on the list is inaccurate, use your own data to identify students to be surveyed.

The lists include student ID number along with descriptive data (gender, ethnicity, exceptionality, level, and setting). If you have students who are not on the list but meet the criteria specified above, use your file records to fill in this data. Surveys entered without the state assigned 9 digit state student ID numbers will not be processed or reimbursed.

It is preferable that former students be interviewed directly; however, a family member can provide information for the survey if the student is not available. 

To enter the surveys, click on the Web-Based Survey link on this page. Follow the directions on the survey.

A billing form and a W-9 form are located on this page, and should be completed and returned by persons who complete the work. Email completed billing form along with a completed W-9 form to Leandra Vigil at Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the address on the billing form.

Additional items posted on this webpage include phone interview instructions and a script to use in Tier 2 survey interviews. 

For technical assistance and additional information, please contact Glenn Damian or call (505) 426.2265.

Tier 2: (2017-2018 Exiters)

Begins April 1, 2019. Surveys must be entered by September 30, 2019.

Task Description Responsible Party Details
Appoint a coordinator for the survey effort by April 15. All school districts including state charters and state supported schools.
  • Email coordinator contact information to: Glenn Damian
  • One coordinator per district will coordinate both Tier 1 and Tier 2.
Obtain addresses and phone #'s for all 2017-2018 exiters. All school districts, state charters, and state supported schools (usually the task of the coordinator).
  • Each district will be sent an excel file containing the names and ID #'s of students to be surveyed.
  • Valid 9-digit student ID# required on all entered surveys
Data Entry for Tier 2 surveys opens May 1. School will appoint appropriate staff to conduct interviews. Students respond best to people they know. A family member can provide information for the survey if the student is not available.
  • Surveys are usually conducted by phone with information hand entered on downloaded surveys. These surveys must be entered directly online. Download Tier 2 survey from the side of this page.
  • Students not on the excel list should be surveyed, but ID # must be obtained from school files. Surveys without valid SID # will not be reimbursed.
Enter returned surveys into database using link on this web page. All school districts and special jurisdictions are responsible. Staff performing interviews will be identified by the district.
  • Enter survey information into online database. Link posted at the side of this page.
Complete and submit reimbursement forms. Coordinators, interviewers, and those who performed data entry may submit a billing form. Email completed billing form and W-9 to
  • Forms posted at the side of this page.
  • Checks issued upon receipt of billing form and completed W-9.
  • As many individuals as designated by district may perform interviewing and data entry. Each should submit separate billing forms.

Tier 1: (2019 graduates)

Begins April 1, 2019. Surveys must be entered by September 30, 2019.

Task Description Responsible Party Details
Hand out paper surveys to high schools for 2019 graduates in April. All school districts and special jurisdictions.
  • Download Tier 1 survey from the side of this page.
  • Copy a survey for each student.
  • You may begin Tier 1 surveys earlier than April 1 if you choose to.
  • Tier 1 surveys are usually completed in the classroom.
  • Assistance may be provided as necessary to help students complete survey.
  • Collect completed surveys.
Enter returned surveys into online database (link on this page). Staff facilitating the survey and entering the data are assigned by the district.
  • Enter survey information into online database.
Complete and submit reimbursement forms when work is complete. Person who entered the data.
  • Forms posted at the side of this page.
  • Checks to individuals designated by each district to perform tasks.
  • Only data entry is reimbursed for Tier 1 survey.
  • Only one coordinator reimbursement will be paid for supervision of Tier 1 and Tier 2 surveys.