Northeast Regional
Education Cooperative (REC#4)

Education—The Key to Success

Professional Development / Tech Assistance

REC#4 supports administrators, teachers, and staff members in our member districts toward the goals of a strong education and of placing an effective teacher before every student. Our team of educational leaders and experts design professional development opportunities that incorporate the latest in educational research, trends, and mandates that will positively impact our schools. 

If your school or district is interested in professional development opportunities, we will meet with your administrative staff to discuss specific needs for training, technical assistance, and support. We will develop a service plan in the form of a contract specifying goals, scope of work, timelines, and a detailed breakdown of costs. We at NEREC/REC#4 provide all the training, technical assistance, report and document preparation, and resource development on-site or via distance technology. Our primary goal is to work effectively with teachers and staff to improve classroom effectiveness, administrative effectiveness and functions, and to improve the overall school learning environment. 

For more information about our agency and the technical assistance and support we provide, see the list in the sidebar of this page or contact us.