Dr. Karen Trujillo was a beacon for NM education and champion of RECs

Welcome to the online home of Northeast Regional Education Cooperative (REC#4). Established in 1984 by the New Mexico State Department of Education, REC#4 is one of ten regional education cooperatives in New Mexico. REC#4 provides training, technology assistance, administration support, grant administration, and other services to seven public school districts and one charter school. Located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, REC#4 serves the Pecos, Mora, Santa Rosa, Wagon Mound, Santa Fe Indian School, West Las Vegas, and Las Vegas City school districts.

Our organization is designed to provide resources and support to our member districts as well as the families served by those districts. We offer specific programs and services for our teachers, a resource library, helpful resources for parents, and much more. Please browse through our website for any information you may need, or download our informative brochure. Feel free to contact us if there’s anything you cannot find on the pages of this website.

NEREC Council Meeting

The NEREC council meets every second Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. in the NMHU-TEC building, room 303.

Member Districts

At NEREC, we are dedicated to providing professional development, resources, parent assistance, personnel recruitment, and so much more to the districts and families within our cooperative’s boundaries. We invite you to visit the websites of the districts that help to make up NEREC.

Building Better Readers Literacy project

Photos of students listening to the Building Better Readers Project presentation

The Northeast Regional Education Cooperative (NEREC/REC#4) developed the Building Better Readers Project (BBRP) to improve literacy skills and build excitement around reading and English Language Arts (ELA) achievement for over 4,900 children attending high-poverty, high-minority schools in northeast New Mexico.

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